ERP Solutions for Building Providers
Bespoke solutions for the construction sector

Since 1979, we've have provided the best possible business management account solutions for building providers. We have years of experience helping people manage and grow their business effectively.  Our software has all the functionality you need along with a great service and support package enjoyed by many. Why not get in touch and see how we can help you today.

What is E.R.P. Software

E.R.P. is a software package that seamlessly integrates all the day to day activities of your business with a complete back end accounts package and can provide real time analysis of things such as sales margins, stock levels and much more. This may sound like business jargon but E.R.P. software helps companies all across the world manage and grow their business by providing important data that helps you make the big decisions that drive your business forward. It also saves many hours of valuable time by automating certain business processes and imporving workflows on things like stock control and reordering, online sales, period end proceedures and much more. As the modern business landscape evolves having an E.R.P. system backed up with a great support team is vital. 

Why Choose Profile Technology

With a wealth of experienced, industry leading support we are always pushing the boundaries of what accounting software for building providers. In 2018 and 2019 we introduced handheld technology to the Profile system, minimising time spent on stock taking, remote sales, purchase deliveries, sales deliveries and signature capture. We always listen to our customers business plans and work hand in hand with them to tailor our software into their environment to make sure bottlenecks are eliminated and efficiency maximised.

System Highlights & Features

Advanced Trade Counter EPOS
  ◦ Highly functional & easy to use
  ◦ Sales & purchase ordering system
  ◦ Customer transaction & price history
  ◦ Save customer prices

Stock Management
  ◦ Stock ordering to delivery & Invoice
  ◦ Manage Multiple stock types
  ◦ Full & Partial Stock Takes
  ◦ Advanced Reordering for Stock
  ◦ Full & Partial Stock Takin


Mobile Device
  ◦ Receipt goods in & allocate to warehouse location
  ◦ Full & partial stock taking
  ◦ Remote electronic signature for deliverie
  ◦ Picking list for sales orders & deliveries
  ◦ Yard Ordering with Signature & Photo Capture

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