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PEPPOL eInvoicing Supplier Information Pack

What is PEPPOL eInvoicing?

PEPPOL eInvoicing is a digital, standardised solution for traditional invoicing e.g. paper and PDF invoicing. It allows users to send, receive, and process electronic invoices that conform to the European PEPPOL eInvoicing Standard (EN 16931). This Standard has already been adopted by all Public Bodies across the EU and a growing network of businesses from the provate sector.

EU Invoicing with Profile Technology

Profile Technology has recently participated in an EU project to implement the latest PEPPOL eInvoicing standard. There is strong pressure on all public bodies to adopt this standard for the receipt of all invoices in the near future. This option has now been included in the latest version of the Profile System and is available to all our customers FOC.

This means that if any public body requests that invoices should be sent to them using the PEPPOL eInvoicing standard, just contact our support team and we will carry out the required configuration work.


   Co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union



Benefits of PEPPOL eInvoicing:



All Public Bodies across the EU are PEPPOL eInvoice ready. In many countries PEPPOL eInvoicing is already a requirement in Tenders and we can see the same becoming more frequent in Irish Tenders as the EU works towards a Single Digital Market.

Cost Reduction

As a paperless and automated tool, PEPPOL eInvoicing reduces processing and operational costs.

Faster Payment

PEPPOL eInvoicing eliminates postage time and reduces processing time. Information can be fed directly into a company's payment and accounting system.

Facilitates Cross-Border Trade

PEPPOL eInvoices are sent and received in a secure manner from any location.




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